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  • Type New cars
  • Make Japanese 660cc Kei Cars
  • Model Various Makes And Models
  • First registration 06/2020
  • Mileage 30 miles
  • Fuel Petrol
  • Engine size 660.0 cc
  • Gearbox Manual or Automatic
  • Number of seats 4
  • Doors 5
  • Colour Various Colours Available
  • Reference ID Kei Cars
Vehicle Description

We can import any make and model of Kei car, new or used. Delivery is around 3 months. Please ask us for prices.

Photos (apart from the 1st image) are actual cars that were available to buy recently at auction. All cars available in other colours.

The cars pictured in order are -

1. Nissan Dayz (main image orange car)

2. Daihatsu Move Canbus SA3 (grey/white)

3. Daihatsu Move Canbus SA3 (blue/white)

4. Daihatsu Copen (red/black/2 seater)

5. Daihatsu Mira Tocot (pink)

6. Daihatsu Move Custom (blue)

7. Daihatsu Tanto Custom RS (white)

8. Daihatsu Tocot G SA3 4WD (blue)

9. Suzuki Alto L (silver)

10. Suzuki Alto Lapin (blue/white)

11. Toyota Pixis Mega D (yellow)

12. Toyota Pixis Mega G (blue)

13. Toyota Pixis Space X (blue)

14. Honda N-One (white)

15. Honda N-Box Custom (white).

16. Suzuki Hustler G (orange/white)

17. Suzuki Hustler J Style (red/white)

18. Honda S660 (white)

19. Daihatsu Wake G Turbo (white)

20. Daihatsu Mira (white)

About the Kei car class in Japan

Kei car or "light automobile" is the Japanese vehicle category for the smallest highway-legal passenger cars. Similar Japanese categories exist for microvans, and Kei trucks.

The kei car category was created by the Japanese government in 1949, and the regulations have been revised several times since. These regulations specify a maximum vehicle size, engine capacity of 660cc and power output, so that owners may enjoy both tax and insurance benefits. In most rural areas they are also exempted from the requirement to certify that adequate parking is available for the vehicle.

Kei cars have become very successful in Japan — consisting of over one third of domestic new car sales in fiscal 2016, despite of dropping from a record 40% market share in 2013, just three years prior. However, in export markets, the genre is generally too specialized and too small for most models to be profitable.  Notable exceptions exist though, for instance the Suzuki Alto and Jimny models, which were exported consistently from c. 1980.

Most kei cars are designed and manufactured in Japan, however there have occasionally been overseas models that have been imported into Japan to be sold as kei cars.



Even if you have recently purchased a brand new vehicle, protecting the underbody should be a primary concern. Some vehicle manufacturers do not provide adequate underbody corrosion protection. When they apply the protective chassis coating during production line assembly. With imported Japanese manufactured cars usually having insufficient underbody chassis coatings for UK or Guernsey road conditions.

We can underseal your car or van for £299.

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