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Car Finance

Without any doubt, the best people to speak to locally about getting a loan is Adrian Welch and Garry Falla. They own Falla Ingrouille finance brokers. Like Bluchip, they work for you, ensuring you get the best low cost loan available.

Use their new online application form in the link below.

If you a looking for a good old fashioned low cost loan......where you actually own the car at the end of the loan period then simply fill in this form and Falla Ingrouille will arrange the rest - be very wary about these new PCP Balloon payment loans, which look great due to their low monthly payments.......but you never actually end up owning the car unless you pay the huge final "BALLOON" payment which from what our customers inform us, is never explained to them properly at the time of purchase. We don't get involved with Balloon payment loans and it's not a product we feel comfortable selling. We are simply here to help you get the best price on your car and get you the best deal on the finance you require.

90% of all Bluchip customers who require loans for their new vehicles go through Falla Ingrouille. They offer an excellent, fast and friendly service. They can be contacted at weekends and outside office hours if that is more convenient for you.

Adrian will need to take some personal details from you and will be able to give you a quick answer as to whether or not your application has been successful.

Valid passport / driving licence / bank statements / utility bills maybe requested.

Falla Ingrouille, Tel Adrian - Mobile 07781 128706 or Garry - Mobile 07781 127050

Their new website is or they can be contacted via Facebook,